Balinese gamelan

Enjoy the beautiful sounds of the Balinese gamelan

Every Sunday morning from 10:00 to 11:30 hours (except July and Balinese gamelan in Volkenkunde door Sekar AlitAugust) one can listen to the sounds of the museum gamelan.

The Museum of Ethnology is privileged to have an authority on gamelan technique and music: Henry Nagelberg. He directs the group Sekar Alit, that practices in the museum every Sunday and also performs reguraly in the museum.

Gamelan Gong Kebyar is a collective term for an entire orchestra of different percussion instruments: genders (a type of xylophone), gongs and drums. A fast tempo, abrupt transitions and a unique dynamism are the characteristics of gamelan music. Because the Sekar Alit onder begeleiding van docent Henry Nagelberg in Volkenkundegenders have different tuning, there is a certain interplay that brings the tone to life. All the instruments are ornately decorated with woodcarvings of people, demons and animals from Hindu tales.

Join the group

Beginners and advanced players who are interested in taking gamelan lessons can contact the group by e-mail:

The weekly lessons cost €26,- per month.

Yayasan Sekar Alit Foundation
Vierde Binnenvestgracht 18
2311 NT Leiden